7 Sleeps till Schools Back… Are you ready?

Let’s start off by saying generally, I am a pretty organised mum.

In terms of the kids going back to school and kindergarten, I had the uniforms, books, bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles all sorted at the end of last year, before Term 4 was even finished.

However, since yesterday, I have found myself running around trying to get those last minute items – socks, underwear, hair accessories and contacting and labelling books – where does it all end?

Today, I was able to find some great savings on Bonds Underwear for young girls and boys from Best and Less, all 40% off. So, 4 pack of briefs for $8 – which I thought was fantastic. My kids absolutely love bonds, and I think their socks are great. Unlike those thin socks, they actually fill the shoe up, so anything like bark and red dirt has a hard time getting in, which means less soaking and washing for me. Winning!

Also, Big W had their bonds socks on sale for $12 for a 5 pack of crew and ankle socks as well as $8 for a 3 pack. Again great value, if you love bonds.

If you are still running around with things left to do, I will give you some insight on where I went and what I saved:

Shoes and Socks Carindale for school shoes – Saved 20% on all school shoes. I got the Asics Black Sport shoe for $64 instead of $79, and I got the Infinity Clark Shoe for the Day Uniform for $99, instead of $120.

In relation to stationary, I had a lot of mum’s tell me it was much cheaper to get it yourself, rather than through the school – and I know of one mum that had a saving of over $80 for two children combined. For me though, its really about making sure I have it all and convenience, I don’t want to be taking two children to the shops to hunt through aisles and aisles of stationary.

In relation to book covers and contact, already had this great debate on Facebook, many mums recommend the book covers because they are easy to use, take about a second to put on and you can get really cool, good quality covers that last the whole year. Personally, I don’t like them, but of course this is just my opinion, I remember having them at school and they were always cracking at the edges, got dirty, or became loose. So, I went with the contact option – (I can hear you all laughing now) – 17 books later, I think the contact looks great, but it took at least 3 nights of a good solid two hours to complete it all. Then, comes the labelling of the pens and pencils. Option 1 – shave the end of the pencil, with a potato peeler, and write the name or Option 2 – write on with a permanent marker – Unsure of what to do here, I have seen the shaven one, and I think it looks messy – but am I being too critical? It’s just pencils, right?

With regards to the bags, I actually bought them from the Kiosk outside Target at Carindale – Don’t get me wrong, I did pay more money, but the styles are different to your department stores and not every child will have the same. It was $35 for a Frozen Bag with 2 side pockets and a large pocket and small zip pocket at the front, and $30 for a Ninja Turtle Bag, same style.

When it came to my daughter’s hair accessories, I had a hard time finding the right ones, due to the royal blue, being almost sold out in every store. I managed to find a great local company, based in Thorneside, called Lily Pily Creations Handmade Accessories. (Their link will be on my Facebook Page). Tanya makes all of the hair ties, headbands, ribbons herself and is able to do it in any colour you need with a 24-48 hour turnaround. I ordered both Acalia and her friend, Ella the headband for $10 each. I think the girls look just great, and I know that the quality is second to none.


I would love to know what you do to get organised before the school term hits – what are your time saving tips when getting uniforms, stationary and all those in-between bits and pieces?

Comment below, or discuss on our Facebook page.

I hope you all enjoy your last week of holidays and the kids as well as you are ready for Term 1 2015.

PS – Stay Tuned for an exclusive interview with 2 daycare professionals who have answered some need to know questions about enrolling your child and what to look out for when choosing a centre.


Sarah :)

Back To Reality

I thought the time would never come, but I feel more than ready to get this blog moving and off the ground in 2015… so here goes…

Just returned from our first family holiday away, including both the kiddies and my parents (the kiddies grandparents), and the holiday couldn’t of gone any better.

We decided to stay in Ballina, NSW, it was very child friendly and we were able to stay at Grandview Apartments, where we had 270 degree Ocean and River views. The beach was only a 2 minute stroll away and the children had the freedom to do all things outdoorsy. We took them swimming in the ocean for the first time, rode on body boards, spent time in Lennox Heads, Byron Bay and also had lots of fun by the apartment buildings pool and spa. This is the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time, and it was very sad to come home.

When planning a holiday, I feel that as the mother of the household, you take on the key role to ensure that everything meets the kiddies, partner and grandparents needs, plus your own… So, what do you do in order to make sure you fit everything into the one holiday? What are your planning tips and tricks?

My tips as a Modern Mum would be:

* Anywhere you are looking at staying, always Google search the images, that way you can get a feel for what the apartment/resort/hotel is exactly what you are after and its not just the schmick photos you see online.

* Contact the apartment/resort/hotel direct to see if you can book with them, we saved over $1000 by doing this.

* Make sure the area you are going to, does actually have the activities you are after – I know this one sounds simple – but most often sites list all these wonderful activities to do and they are never available or even exist.

* Packing – this one is always hard for me. How much do I pack? Will we go out for dinner or not? Will I need fancy outfits or just normal ones? I will always try to make sure I have a great pair of wedges that can go from day to night for myself – when it comes to the children, I always pack two going out (fancy) outfits, and the rest are normal clothes, because you just never know what the holiday can throw at you. The best time I find to pack is either the night before or the morning of (if you have enough time) that way you can pack everything at once, and don’t have to leave things out because you will need to use them again before you pack them up for the trip.

* Remember to Relax and let go of the Routine for the trip. The kids will absolutely love you for it and will definitely enjoy relaxed mummy.

As this is a fully interactive blog, I would love to hear back from you as to what your tips are for going away and how you find organising your holiday, so please comment below.

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I look forward to hearing from you all and I hope you enjoy the blog.


Sarah :)